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Newest Additions:

April 24, 2015.  Guy’s Log.  Added 4/15/2015 OSEP Dear Colleague Letter on the Use of Due Process Procedures after a Parent has Filed a State Complaint.

April 24, 2015.  Spedlinks/Deaf and Hearing Loss.  Added a links section on Unilateral Hearing Loss (UHL)

April 17, 2015  Guy’s Log.  Wenk v. O’Reilly, 6th Circuit, 2015.  School reports alleged sexual abuse, parent alleges retaliation, 6th Circuit decides case should go to trial.

April 16, 2015.   Guy’s Log.  Schiffbauer v. Schmidt.  Parent accuses teacher assistant of abuse, sues school system.  Court sides with school system.

April 15, 2015.  Test Info.  Added a paper by John and Ron  explaining why total scores are sometimes lower (or higher) than the average subscale score on an intelligence test.

April 12, 2015.   Guy’s Log.  Added H.M. v. Weakley, WD, Tennessee, Eastern Division, 3/13/2015.    Child denied tuition reimbursement because she was not emotionally disabled by ALJ, decision reversed by district court because of long history of depression, maladaptive behaviors, previous diagnoses, history of sexual abuse, etc.

April 7, 2015.   Added a new page under Test Info, the Misuse of Grade Equivalents; added a bibliography of Test reviews under Test Info (no links) by John Willis, Ron Dumont, et. al.

April 2, 2015.   John Willis added a discussion of  Publishers’ Classification Schemes for Test Scores under Test Info:  Simple Explanations.

April 2, 2015.  Guy’s Log.   Lee v. Natomas Unified School District, 2015.  Parent wins right to school system for retaliation.

March 30, 2015  Test Tools.  Moved the WISC V and WJ IV pages from Test Info to Test Tools and added a new page under the WISC V on WISC V Subtests and Scores.

March 29, 2015  Test Tools.  Added pages on the WISC V and WJ IV.

March 27, 2015.  Guy’s Log.  District of Columbia v. Alice Kirksey-Harrington.    Parent denied right to fully participate in IEP decision regarding setting.

March 21, 2015.  Added link to 504 Regulations on Spedlaw page;  revised links to Idaho regs on Spedlaw/State Regulations page.

March 14, 2015.  SpedLinks.  Added Assessment:  Third Party Observers.  Links to various position papers regarding the presence of a third party observer (parent, etc) in testing room..

March 11, 2015.  Guy’s Log.  National School Boards Association issues letter criticizing Joint Memorandum from DOJ/ED regarding additional school obligations to provide effective communication for its students under ADA/504.

March  7, 2015.  Musgrove (OSEP) Letter to Breton (Director, Special Services, Maine) regarding the application of a processing criterion to SLD identification.  (With commentary from GMM.)

March 5, 2015.  A.W. v Middletown, US District Court, Pennsvlania, Jan 28, 2015.   District fails to provide evaluation, IEP in a timely manner, loses compensatory education to parent.

March 6, 2015.  C.W. v. Capistrano, Ninth Circuit, March 2, 2015.  Guy’s Log.  School wins some of its attorney fees because some parent claims considered frivolous.

March 5, 2015.  March 4 Comments on Reports.  John’s Log.  

February 20, 2015  Alboniga v. Broward Couty, 2/11/2-15.   Guy’s Log:  School system goes down in flames over its failure to accommodate service dog for child with severe impairments and seizure disorder.

February 12, 2015  Guy’s Log.  T. et. al v. Howard County; a Maryland district court provides summary judgment for the school system in an autism dispute over tuition reimbursement.

February 11, 2015 SpedLinks:  Added new links to Pearson Support for the WISC IV; research on the debunked fad intervention of facilitated communication; and to the 2014 NEA School Crisis Guide

February 7, 2015.  Guy’s Log  Q.W. et. al v. Fayette Cty Brd. of Ed. 1/14/2015.    School convinces court that it did the right thing by exiting a child diagnosed with autism from special education.

February 3, 3015  Guy’s Log:  Added in prefatory comments a brief discussion (and link) of what it means if a federal court decision is “unpublished.”

January 16, 2015 Guy’s Log.   J.T. v Dumont Public Schools, NJ Supreme Court, November, 2014.   Parents lose five year quest to establish services in neighborhood school as a right, not just a preference.

December 19, 2014  Disabilities/Specific Learning Disabilities  Added brief summary and link to 2008 OSEP Letter explaining that once identified, it would not be necessary to find a severe discrepancy between IQ and achievement in a new goal area before adding it.

December 12, 2014  Guy’s Log:  Added court case about student with a disability who was denied the right to play soccer because he had previously been taught in an out of state school..   For the parents.

December 5, 2014  Guy’s Log:  Two new court decisions, one regarding the deference courts must give SRO decisions, the other regarding exhaustion of remedies (both for the school systems.)

November 27, 2014  Guy’s Log:  What guidance is available in assisting schools in determining whether to serve slow learners who do no t qualify using a discrepancy formula under the IDEA as disabled under Section 504?

November 27, 2014  Spedlaw/OCR Guidance:  A Letter to Colleagues and an OCR FAQ regarding Effective Communication Rights under Section 504

November 26, 2014  Guy’s Log:  What happens when parents disagree about consents and services under the IDEA and 504?

November 18, 2014   Spedlinks:  Added a CDC link regarding preterm births under Parent Advocacy, Resources.

November 15, 2014:    Guy:’s Log  When is a school district responsible for evaluating a child parentally placed by his parent when FAPE is not an issue outside the school district?

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To understand the implications of special education law on school psychological practice, it is necessary to have a firm grasp of the basic principles that are promulgated through the federal regulations, interpreted by their respective federal agencies, and as enforced by the courts.  This website includes for easy reference the relevant federal regulations, some illustrative letters and guidelines we deemed especially worthy for republication, and some landmark court decisions. Addiitonally, current court decisions will be summarized with links in Guy’s Log, as often as is necessary (but usually at least twice monthly.)  

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