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Newest Additions:

November 18, 2014   Spedlinks:  Added a CDC link regarding preterm births under Parent Advocacy, Resources.

November 15, 2014:    Guy’s Log:  When is a school district responsible for evaluating a child parentally placed by his parent when FAPE is not an issue outside the school district?


This website has been designed to provide school psychologists (and those with an interest in school psychology) with testing tools, links to special educational resources, and a reference library including key publications and letters from the Office for Civil Rights,  the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services,  the Office of Special Education Programs, and the Family Policy Compliance Office.

To understand the implications of special education law on school psychological practice, it is necessary to have a firm grasp of the basic principles that are promulgated through the federal regulations, interpreted by their respective federal agencies, and as enforced by the courts.  This website includes for easy reference the relevant federal regulations, some illustrative letters and guidelines we deemed especially worthy for republication, and some landmark court decisions. Addiitonally, current court decisions will be summarized with links in Guy’s Log, as often as is necessary (but usually at least twice monthly.)  

(For links to other websites with an expanded reference spedlaw library, see both the Spedlaw tab and the Sped Links tab above.)    

Additionally, this website provides a variety of documents and templates created by one or more of the editors on tests and measurements that we hope will be of interest both to the new and the experienced school psychologist.    

We continuously monitor the many links on our website.  Dead links are either deleted or updated.   Sometimes, however, we miss a link.   If you find a broken link, please bring it to the attention of the website administrator by sending an email to:   guymmcbride@gmail.com

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