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Who are School Psychologists? *

School psychologists are uniquely qualified members of school teams that support students’ ability to learn and teachers’ ability to teach. They apply expertise in mental health, learning, and behavior, to help children and youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. School psychologists partner with families, teachers, school administrators, and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments that strengthen connections between home, school, and the community.” NASP

While most schools will have a more detailed job description, North Carolina’s state Job Description is a particularly detailed overview of a school psychologist’s potential roles in a public school system.  For a more comprehensive description of what it is a working school psychologist can do, click here or on the picture below.

What’s New? *

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February 17, 2018.  Added a note regarding the diagnosis of ADHD by school psychologists to the OHI page.

February 14, 2018.  Even if a school psychologist does not run afoul of any state laws, his or her license could be in peril for violating state education department rules.  One such rule was added to the discussion of Vermont’s State Confidentiality Laws:  FERPA/State Confidentiality Laws (scroll down to Vermont.)

February 14, 2018.  Want to know if OCR is investigating your school or university?  Click Spedlaw/OCR, Section 504 and ADA.

February 6, 2018.   State Regulations/North Carolina.   Updated RTI resources.

February 4, 2018.   Specific Learning Disabilities/Early article.  A 2006 article by John Willis and Ron Dumont advocating for the use of intellectual testing to help develop appropriately targeted interventions.

February 4, 2018.  Updated North Carolina’s regulations and resources regarding Dyslexia/Dyslexia Laws (scroll down to NC).  Includes link to a very helpful listing of dyslexia resources.

February 3, 2018.   Disabilities/Blindness and Visual Impairments/Previous OSEP Letters.  Two older OSEP letters from 1995 and 2000  (Scroll to bottom of section.)

February 2, 2018.  Disabilities/Specific Learning Disabilities/Early (2004) article by Guy McBride, Ron Dumont, John Willis (link to August 2004 “The School Psychologist.)

February 2, 2018.  Guy’s Log/2018/February.  Set your bookmarks to the new IDEA website.  (OSERS email.)

February 2, 2018.  Barnwell v. Watson, 8th Circuit, January 2018.  Guy’s Log/2018/February.  16 year old kills himself after being bullied, parents sue school alleging discrimination, school’s defense upheld.

February 1, 2018. Our Resources/Learning Disabilities.  2010 Rebuttal by “The Consortium for Evidence-Based Early Intervention Practices” to 2010 LDA White Paper on SLD.

January 30, 2018.  Our Resources/Stuttering.  New section.

January 29, 2018.  Spedlaw/State Regulations/DODEA.   Link to the Department of Defense web page providing information for the parents of military dependents on their IDEA rights.

January 28, 2018.  Guy’s Log/2018/January.   A slightly belated sharing of a January 11, 2018 letter from the United States Department of Education to Texas detailing how the SEA had failed in its responsibilities to children with disabilties in three major areas . . . all the result, apparently, of having established an unrealistic goal for its LEAs.

January 28, 2018.  Disabilities/SLD/Exclusionary Factors.  Excerpts from NC guidance to eligibility groups.

January 23, 2018.  Provided links to three (3) sample WIAT III reports on our WIAT III page under Descriptive Classifications.

January 18, 2018.   Our Resources/English Language Learners.  Referring and Evaluating English Language Learners.  An NCSPA Position Paper.  Highly recommended for qualified professionals charged with evaluating ESL children for special education services.

January 17, 2018.   A link to a summary of OSEP SLD letters from 1989 to 1997 is now available under Disabilities/SLD.

January 6, 2018.  New Our Resources/Bullying Prevention section with resources from selected state education departments.

January 1, 2018.  Other Considerations in Determining ID (Updated)

December 31, 2017.   Added Flynn Effect quotes and references  from Dr. Kevin McGrew to Disabilities Info/ID/Other Considerations in Determining Eligibility.  (Scroll to bottom of section on Flynn Effect.) The Flynn Effect is a factor that may/should be considered in making high stakes decisions when just a few points on an intelligence test can either guarantee a child FAPE or deny him/her eligibility for needed services.

December 30, 2017.  Three older OSEP references on Disabilities/Blind and Visually Impaired page.

December 29, 2017.  Dissertation on assessing children with visual impairments by Carol Evans.  (Added by John Willis.)  Disabilities/Blind and Visually Impaired

December 28, 2017.  New reference on testing the blind and visually impaired added by John Willis to our Disabilities/Blind and Visually Impaired page.

December 28, 2017.  It’s never over until the fat lady sings, and two of the three cases discussed in Guy’s Log/December 2017 have not yet been litigated.   In one of those cases, the school psychologist was arrested, charged and arraigned for doing absolutely nothing.  In the third case, the school psychologist’s school board decided not to fire him after all.  .

December 26, 2017.  Extensive updates to the Disabilities/ID page, including Comments by John Willis, SSA criteria for SSI, Factors to be considered when reviewing intelligence test results (practice effect, Flynn effect), and a brief PowerPoint by John Willis and Ron Dumont.   Note:  This page continues to be updated with minor expansions.

December 23, 2017.  Updated  amendments made to the IDEA and Section 504 (July, 2017) made by Rosa’s Law (2010).

December 21, 2017.  New Atkins death penalty case on our ID/Atkins page (The United States of America v Farad Roland, December 18, 2017.)

December 20, 2017.   Disability Info:  Blind and Visually Impaired.  (New Page) (Still Under Construction)

December 18, 2017.  A (belated) update of court action following Endrew (Landmark Cases) and an additional link to Wrightslaw putting Endrew into historical perspective.

December 14, 2017.  OSERS issued Q and A (December 7th) explaining FAPE after Endrew (OSEP and OSERS Guidance.)

December 14, 2017.  Tennessee recently updated its special education website; “dead” links updated under State Regulations/Tennessee.

December 14, 2017.  Sample monitoring forms from Pasco County, FL, and a downloadable Section 504 manual from Florida are new resources on our Soedlaw/OCR,  504 and ADA page.

December 14, 2017.   Wellman, Jr v. Butler Area School District, Third Circuit, 2017.  Another sad case where parents failed to exhaust administrative remedies.  Guy’s Log/2017/Decembergavel

December 9.  Link to ESEA of 1965, as amended by the ESSA (click here.)

December 3.  Updated links to free Word and PowerPoint viewers (see below).

December 1, 2017.  Guy’s Log/December 2017.  Penley v. McDowell County, Fourth Circuit, November 28, 2017.  A First Amendment case.  The teacher alleged his school system had tried (unsuccessfully) to fire him because of his gavelpolitical views.  The school (successfully) demonstrated that it  had tried to fire him (unsuccessfully) for classroom behavior.

November 26, 2017.  Updated, edited, and revised our Section on Damages:  When the Shoe is On the Other Foot.  It is generally belief that free speech rights do not end at the schoolhouse door, but the 2006 Supreme Court decision in Garcetti greatly limited school employees’ First Amendment rights.   However, the revised discussion looks at other ways school psychologists may be able to defend themselves.

November 26, 2017  CPIR updated its resources on lead poisoning in children; see Our Resources/Other Health Impaired.

November 21, 2017  Updated List of Tests currently in the process of revision by Pearson on our Testing Information page.

November 21, 2017.   Update on Plans for next Revision of the DAS.

November 18, 2017.  Mrs. M. v. Falmouth School Department, First Circuit, November, 2017.  A brief (7 page) decision explaining why parents can’t amend their complaints after losing to the school system . . . and also a review of school system’s (failed) attempt to get the parents to pay their legal bills just because they lost.  Guy’s Log, November, 2017.

November 15, 2017.  NEW resources on dealing with student trauma from Bridgeport Connecticut may be found by clicking on Our Resources/Trauma, Dealing with.

November 1, 2017.  Last month the United States Department of Education rescinded 72 policy letters on the IDEA without adequate explanation.  This caused a firestorm of what can only be described as panic.  Their updated explanation as well as  our analysis can be found by clicking on Spedlaw/ED rescinds 72 guidance letters.


November 1, 2017.  Updated Our Resources/Muscular Dystrophy.

October 31, 2017.  Guys Log/October 2017.  H.E. v. Walter D. Palmer Leadership Partners.  An unusual case that emphasized a simple but not unimportant legal principle.

October 15, 2017.  Specific Learning Disabilities/Concerns about RTI.   A relatively brief summary of some of the concerns about RTI.

October 15, 2017.   Spedlaw/ESSA State Plans.  Consolidated state plans for 48 of 50 states approved by ED.

October 15, 2017.  Updated special education links for Nebraska and Tennessee.

October 5, 2017.  Our Resources/CHC.   Added several references to Cross Battery Assessments (XBA) which are based on CHC theory.

September 18, 2017.  Social Maladjustment vs. Emotional Disability.  Old stuff warmed over.  Seems like this question never gets completely resolved no matter how many times it gets brought up.

September 18, 2017.  Guy’s Log, September, 2017.  Perry Zirkel’s Special Education Legal Alert (September 2017)gavel

September 18, 2017.  State Regulations, Arizona.  Updated links to Arizona education statutes and Administrative Code.

September 17. 2017.  FERPA.   How long should a school psychologist keep psychological records?  (An opinion piece.)

September 14, 2017.  FERPA/Introduction.  The link to the Education Department’s Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) has changed.  A new link and a brief description of PTAC’s function has been added to the Introduction on our FERPA page.

September 11, 2017  Guy’s Log, September 11, 2017.  Rachel H. v. State of Hawaii.  Parent’s claim that school denied FAPE by failing to specify school fails Ninth Circuit test.  MR. v. Ridley in Third Circuit results in parent victory in dispute over attorney fees for getting a stay put placement.gavel

July 21, 2017.  Guy’s Log, July 2017.   IZW v. Rosemont, Eighth Circuit, July 14, 2017.  Although on the face of it, a case based on Minnesota state statute, in the final analysis it was decided based on the recent Supreme Courtgavel decision in Endrew.

July 9, 2017.  On June 2, 2017, the United States Department of Education inaugurated a new IDEA web.  Click here to our Spedlaw page to view the letter with links to that page.

July 8, 2017.   Spedlaw/State Regulations.  Link to Nevada state approved IEP and Eligibility forms

July 7, 2017.  Began new section Resources/Response to Intervention

July 6, 2017.   Resources/Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.   New article on ADHD and sleep disorders.

July 6, 2017,   The Arizona link to Evaluations and Eligibility which included guidance on RTI and criteria for eligibility determinations went dead last year and as of this date was still in the process of revision.  The link for the 2012 guidance, Evaluations and Eligibility, which is currently the only guidance that can be found, archived on another website, was added to the Spedlaw/State Regulations page under the Arizona links.

July 6, 2017.   The link for Utah’s sped rules went dead.  A link from the Wayback Machine for Utah was added to the 2013 Utah Regulations until such time as Utah issues new regulations.

July 1, 2017.  A number of schools use screening instruments for autism before progressing to a full scale evaluation.  Some of the more commonly used screeners have been added to our Autism Spectrum Disorders page with links and publishers’ descriptions.

June 30, 2017.  Under Guy’s Log/June 2017 are summaries and links to two new cases.  D.L. v District of Columbia (a 12 year old class action lawsuit.)  Also Special District #1 v. R.M.M. (a Minnesota case involving a parentally placed pupil in a private school with an idiosyncratic outcome based on state law.)

June 30, 2017.  OSERS amended the 2006 FR to bring them in harmony with the ESSA; also corrected some cross references.   OSERS 2017 Amendment Letter with links saved on Spedlaw page.

June 28, 2017.   In 2016,  Arizona’s Education Department took down all of its special education guidance and regulations.  Since then, they’ve published two (2) guidance documents; additional guidance is still available from the state statutes, all of which can now be viewed at State Regulations/Arizona.

April 4, 2017.  Guy’s Log/April 2017.  Avila v. Spokane, March 30, 2917, Ninth Circuit.  A Statute of Limitationsgavel case, defining the start date as being when the parents knew or should have known about the events for which they were seeking redress.

March 25, 2017.   Added Endrew F. v. Douglas County to our Landmark Decisions page; added our analysis ofgavel Endrew F. along with a link to Justia’s Summary.

March 22, 2017.   Guy’s Log, March, 2017.  NEW LANDMARK SUPREME COURT CASE.  Endrew F. v. Douglas gavelCounty Public Schools, Supreme Court, March 22, 2017.   Decision in favor of a more than de minibus standard for FAPE under the IDEA.   Case remanded back to the Tenth Circuit, where when they apply the higher standard they may (OR MAY NOT) decide in favor of the parents.   This decision will probably not affect decisions in the Third and Sixth Circuits, but it probably will in most others.

March 22, 2017.  John’s Log; Comments on Report #260 March 21, 2017

March 21, 2017.   Guy’s Log, March, 2017.   Added three new cases, two applying the new Supreme Court standard for determining when exhaustion of administrative remedies under the IDEA are required (parents lost in both gavelcases); and the third case simply reinforced the long standing legal principle that you can’t get attorney fees for an informal case resolution.

February 25, 2017.  Guy’s Log, February, 2017.   Fry  v. Napolean Community Schools, Supreme Court, February 2017.  Supreme Court provides new test to determine if exhaustion of IDEA remedies was/was not required.gavel

February 22, 2017.  Questions and Answers: Screening and Evaluations.   The question:   Is an individual assessment always required for IDEA services?  Seemingly an easy answer, but the answer was a bit more involved.

February 19, 2017.  Resources/Assessment.   Regression towards Mediocrity –  A slideshow presentation by John Willis.  Ron Dumont contributed.  (Follows link to 1886 article by Galton.)

February 4, 2017.  Humor Page/John’s Alleged Humor.   New PowerPoint.

February 4, 2017.  Disabilities/SLD/Does Ralph Have a Specific Learning Disability?  Example of the capricious nature of SLD identifications using the historic intra-individual discrepancy methodology based on who is doing the interpreting.

February 4, 2017.  Guys Log/February 2017.   Summaries of two more cases, the first involving reading gavelmethodology, the other the provision of services to students speaking English as a Second Language (ESL).  M. v. Falmouth School District, First Circuit, and  Issa v. Lancaster School District, Third Circuit (not a sped case per se)

February 4, 2017. Resources/Speech/Language Impairments.  Four new links documenting the relationship between language impairments and reading, writing, or math impairments.  (Potentially useful in justifying the provision of resource room services in those areas under the SLI label.)

February 2, 2017.  Questions and Answers/Screening, Evaluation, Identification.  Question: I’ve been told school psychologists should not diagnose dyslexia; so what should I tell a parent who asks if we evaluate for dyslexia?

February 2, 2017.  Guy’s Log/February 2017.  Added two cases, J.J. v. Independent School District, Minnesota gavelCourt of Appeals, and Board of Education Albuquerque v  Maez and Mondragon, District Court, New Mexico.

January 21, 2017.  Resources: Autism.  Helping Children with Autism Fall Asleep.

January 18, 2017.  Guy’s Log/January 2017.  Brief discussion of Supreme Court case, Enders v. Douglas Countygavel (Undecided).  A.M. v. New York Dept. of Education, Second Circuit (School wins on procedural issues, but loses on FAPE issue.); Smith v. Meeks, District Court Illinois (Biological mother with visitation rights retains right to see child’s education records, loses right to make education decisions or to file for due process hearing.)

January 8, 2017.  Spedlaw/Part C.  Major re-edit with additional links to Part C references, OSEP letters, and court cases.

January 5, 2017.   Began new Resources/Discipline section with King’s November 25 letter to the schools suggesting that corporal punishment be abolished.

January 5, 2017.   Test Info.  Misuse of Grade Equivalents.   Pearson position statement on Interpretation Problems of Age and Grade Equivalents.  (Scroll down to bottom.

January 5, 2017.  Litigation Update, January 2017.  Genn v. New Haven Brd. of Educ., District Court, CN, November 2016,   Parent wins reimbursement for IEE because school denied without having due process hearing.

January 5, 2017.  Litigation Update, January 2017.  Cobb County School District v. DR, 11th Circuit, November gavel2016.   Parent given new chance to get attorney fees because the school system also unnecessarily protracted the litigation.

December 19, 2016.  Spedlaw/Damages.  In the decision below, judge Terry R. Means provided an up to date summary of caselaw regarding liability and  deliberate indifference with respect to the availability of damages under Section 504.  Excerpts from that decision are archived at the preceding link.

December 18, 2016. Guy’s Log/2016.   Plainscapital v. Keller, Northern Texas District Court, November 29, 2016.gavel  District court overturns a million dollar verdict against a school system as a matter of law.

December 11, 2016.  Spedlaw:  OSERS issues significant amendment to the 2006 FR for Part B regarding disproportionality.

December 6, 2016.     Questions and Answers, Discipline/Suspensions.  Question:  Can someone direct me to some of the best documentation to share with school administrators regarding why we legally cannot compel a parent to take their child home from school with a stated reason of “the child did not take his medications” for mood management and ADHD?

December 6, 2016.  Q and A 1.1.  Identification.  Question:  I’ve read that the Rowley decision is flawed.  A former state sped director tried to convince teachers of the blind, on the basis of the Rowley decision, that they should not qualify all the high functioning blind and visually impaired students because, if they weren’t failing, they did not need and were not eligible for, special educational services.  Was she right?

November 19, 2016.  Guy’s Log/November 2016.   N.E. v. Seattle Public Schools.  A stay put case, where parentsgavel argued stay put should have been the last placement, not the placement agreed to in the current IEP.   Ninth Circuit, November 17, 2016.   Parent’s lose the argument.

October 10, 2016.  Sped Resources/English Language Learners.  Non regulatory guidance from September 2016 which was issued by the United States Department of Education.

October 10, 2016.   Spedlaw/OCR, Section 504 and the ADA.  New link and summary regarding the revised Title II, Title III, and ADA Regulations effective October 11, 2016,  Explicitly added Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity and Dyslexia to the list of covered disabilities.

October 8, 2016.   John’s Log/Comments on Reports 259.   From October 5, 2016

October 2, 2016.  John’s Log/Comments 258.

September 28, 2016.  Humor Page.  Assessment Humor PowerPoint, courtesy of John Willis.

September 27, 2016.  Resources/Assessment.  Downloaded Regression to Mediocrity by Francis Galton, 1886, for our younger readers who may not have been around when it was published.

September 27, 2016.  Test Tools/RIAS 2.  Slides from Cecil Reynolds on the RIAS 2 and PSW.

September 24, 2016.  Guy’s Log/September 2016.  B.C. v. Mount Vernon, Washington.  Second Circuit. gavel 9/16/2016.  Second Circuit tells parent that her child’s need for special education under IDEA does not necessarily mean he has a substantial limitation under Section 504/ADA.

September 22, 2016.  Some years ago, NASP issued a Position Statement on Specific Learning Disabilities in which they recommended school psychologists not mention dyslexia in their reports.   Responding to national and state initiatives over the past several years, NASP re-issued its Position Statement with the controversial remarks regarding dyslexia omitted.  The revised link has been added to our Disabilities/Dyslexia page.

September 22, 2016.   Disabilities/Dyslexia.   April 25, 2016 OSEP Letter to Unnerstall clarifying  OSERS Dyslexia Clarification Memorandum from October, 2015.

September 10, 2016.  Sped Resources/Traumatic Brain Injury.   NC Parent Handout on Understanding Concussion and its Impact on Learning and NC State Board of Education Policy on concussion, with links to forms.

September 9, 2916.  Sped Resources/Parent Resources.  Link to Quit Alcohol, a website devoted to the dangers of teen age drinking.  Also see link to  Alan-Anon Family Groups, same section.

September 5,2016.  Guy’s Log/September.  L.J. v. Pittsburg, September 1, 2016.   The fact that a student is getting average grades is not determinative in determining his or her need for special education (an IEP.)gavel

September 5, 2016.  Sped Resources/Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.    “ADHD and Meds Effect on Risky Behavior.”  Research article on the effects of ADHD medications on probability of contracting STDs or becoming pregnant.

September 4, 2016.  Sped Resources/Social, Emotional and Behavioral Issues.  Article by Perry Zirkel (2016) on seclusion and timeout.

August 30, 2016.  Guy’s Log/2016/August.   The question was, “After passage of the ESSA, are special education teachers only required to teach high school students what is in the high school curriculum, and shouldn’t almost all IEPs be virtually the same?”   This 1997 case from Wrightslaw, James Brody v. Dare County, provided an early answer (Unequivocally, “No.”)  It is a state hearing officer decision worth reviewing even today.

August 30, 2016.  Guy’s Log/2016/August.  Is a school exempted from providing a student with a disability with FAPE if she or he has graduated with a regular high school diploma?  According to this decision in Raquel Holman v. D.C., District Court, 2016, “Not always.”

August 28, 2016,  Test Tools/WISC 5/Gary Canivez.    Three new links to research articles on the WISC 5.

August 25, 2016,  Humor/Rogerian Therapy.   A brief parody of Rogerian therapy.

August 19, 2016.  Guy’s Log 2016/August.   S.D. v. Haddon Heights.  Third Circuit.  Parents lose bid for gavelcompensatory damages because they failed to exhaust IDEA administrative remedies.

August 17, 2016.  Sped Resources/English Language Learners.  Links to OCR resources and two state web pages (AZ and CA).

August 15, 2016.  Sped Resources/Primary Service Provider Model.   Eleven new links on a service delivery model widely adopted by Part C programs in a number of states.   Spedlaw/Part C.  Brief overview of the PSP Model and states using it for Part C Early Intervention programs  (Source:  ECTA)

August 13, 2016.  New Disabilities Info/Intellectual Disabilities web page with links to Amici/amicus briefs on a recent Atkins death penalty case.

August 12, 2016.  Guy’s Log 2016/August.   Doe v Cape Elizabeth School District, August 5, 2016.   First Circuit
gavel overrules district court judge denying SLD eligibility to student with problems in Reading Fluency, provides expanded discussion on deference due to a hearing officer.

August 12, 2016.   Disabilities/Intellectual Disabilities.  New page (under construction); Wikipedia summary of Atkins death penalty case, along with links to amicus/amici briefs in Moore v. Texas.  (Atkins settled the question re application of the death penalty to intellectually disabled individuals.  It did not, unfortunately, settle the question as to what an intellectual disability actually is.)

August 7, 2016.  Sped Resources/Canadian Links.   Two new references regarding the use of Canadian Norms with the WAIS IV.

August 5, 2016.  Disabilities/Emotional Disablity/New OSERS/OSEP Guidance.   New Joint Guidance from OSERS and OSEP on Including Behavior Supports in IEPs.

July 29, 2916  Disabilities/Dyslexia/State Laws.  Updated New Hampshire’s state law regarding screening and interventions for dyslexia.  (Scroll down to NH; states listed alphabetically.)

July 29, 2016.  Guy’s Log/July 2016.   Smith v. Leake County.  A tort case, where the parents of a child with special needs, seriously injured by bullies on the school bus, win the right to sue.

July 28, 2016.  Test Info/PowerPoint by John Willis and Ron Dumont on using test scores to document progress.

July 28, 2016.  Sped Resources/Other Health Impaired.  Five new links on Angelman’s Syndrome, a rare genetic and neurological disorder.

July 27, 2016   Guy’s Log/July 2016.   T.L. v. Lower Merion School District.   School district wins by showing child showed progress.

July 27, 2016.   OCR issues new  guidance and a  26 page Resource on ADHD, along with a new Know Your Rights document for parents.  Spedlaw/OCR  and (Double post)   Disabilities/Other Health Impaired/Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

July 18, 2016.   Link on how to become a teacher under Sped Resources/General Education. Exceedingly rich resource for all 50 states.   Also under Guy’s Log/July 2016.   Maple Heights School District v. A.C.    Parents prevailed in claim that child’s behaviors were a manifestation; but lost on IEP because everyone thought that the proposed IEP could have provided the student with FAPE.

July 16, 2016. ” How Can a Person’s Reading Score Be Higher than their IQ?”  Under Sped Resources/Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  John Willis’s super simple explanation of the relationship between IQ and achievement.   (Also see Kevin McGrew’s article on Forest Gump in the same section.) Also added under Testing Information (Very General) (double entry)

July 15, 2016.  Three new autism links; one new link for military families under Parent Resources; and one new Learning disabilities link under Sped Resources.

July 14, 2016.   Humor Page/More Cartoons Collected by John Willis and Humor/Even More Cartoons Collected by John Willis.

July 9, 2016.  NASP issued Violence Statement_July 2016 regarding recent violence across the country this month.

July 8, 2016.   Guy’s Log/July.   Moore v. Kansas City Public Schools, Eighth Circuit.  July 7, 2016.   Parents of rape vic
gaveltim with disabilities seek compensation without exhausting IDEA administrative remedies and win right to do so.

July 3, 2016.  WISC V.  New link to a table by Ron Dumont and an explanation by John Willis on the Differences Required for Significance When Each WISC-V Subtest Scaled Score is Compared to the Mean Subtest Scaled Score.

July 3, 2016.  Guy’s Log/July 2016.   James v. District of Columbia.  District Court.  June 21, 2016.  Parent asks for comprehensive evaluation, school just does Triennial Review, and then loses big time in court.

July 3, 2016.  Guy’s Log/July 2016.   A.W. (Williams) v. Fulton County School District, District Court, April, 2016.   Judge affirms right of parents to sue school system and school personnel for damages under Section 1983 of the gavelCivil Rights Act.

July 2, 2016.  New page on Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act, with an explanation of how and when it may be invoked in lawsuits against school systems.

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