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Log entries are arranged chronologically in the year added; see the tabs under Guy’s Log.  The majority of entries are Litigation Updates of court spedlaw decisions.  They are listed by year in chronological order (latest first), and not in order of importance.   Readers should rely upon the links provided to the actual decisions rather than the summaries  provided.   Court decisions themselves vary in precedential value.  (See link to a discussion of “unpublished” decisions below.)  Also, judicial decisions are only binding in the district or catchment area served by that court.  They may be overturned by a higher court,  When there is a split in the circuits over a point in law, those cases may be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.  For Landmark Decisions over the past 35 years, see “Landmark Court Cases” under our Spedlaw tab at the top of this page or click on the following link:Spedlaw/Landmark Cases (

The most important point to remember, however, is that nothing on this website should be construed as  providing legal advice.  If you have a real legal problem, we always advise consulting with a real attorney.

unpublished decsions

Unpublished Decisions and Published Decisions:  See Link Below.    The short explanation is that if a judge or  court issues an unpublished decision, it will have  less precedential value (if any) than a published in it or any lower court.  There is a great deal of information about unpublished decisions available on the Internet.  Two representative sample links follow.

Unpublished Decisions: Circuit Court Rules

Unpublished does not mean unimportant

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