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The Report Comments newsletter began 30 years ago as photocopied class handouts for students in Rivier University’s certification program for Specialist in Assessment of Intellectual Functioning (SAIF).  The SAIF certification, unique to New Hampshire, qualifies professionals to provide intellectual and academic achievement evaluations.  Prerequisites for the certification program include a master’s degree and certification or licensure in a related field; at least two years’ experience; course work in special education, children development, abnormal psychology, statistics, and tests and measurements; and a course in individual intelligence assessment, including administration, scoring, and interpretation of individual tests of cognitive ability (, find Ed 507.19).

Rivier University has been consistently supportive of the SAIF certification program despite wide fluctuations in class size from year to year.  The Rivier program is the only SAIF certification program in the known world.

The certification program at Rivier University is a four-semester practicum and internship during which the student provides 37 comprehensive evaluations for referred students under supervision by a SAIF, School Psychologist, or Psychologist.  The program instructor (since 1984, John Willis) reviews 22 of the evaluation reports and provides detailed, written feedback on the reports and on any necessary revisions of the original reports.

Back in the 20th century, I began typing lists of corrections for problems I found in reports by more than one of the students and new information I had found after I had distributed handouts for the previous class.  I photocopied the typed list of suggestions for assessment and reporting and distributed it in class each week.

When I eventually learned how to use email, I began electronically sending the list of comments to my students and their supervisors.  Through the magic of computers, the comments became longer and less frequent.  Some of the students and supervisors asked to continue receiving the lists after the students had completed the program, and the mailing list began to grow.  It now includes about 400 former students and supervisors and other colleagues.  Since most of the recipients work in or near New Hampshire, the newsletter includes notices of ASAIF and other workshops and other information relevant to this region.  To save space, that information has been removed from the copies of the newsletter posted here.

The Association of Specialists in Assessment of Intellectual Functioning (ASAIF) was founded in 2000 .  In addition to the three-hour evening Shorties and full-day workshops that are often attended by SAIF students and graduates, ASAIF board members provide consultation to the SAIF certification program at Rivier University.

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