Report forms for the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement (3rd ed.) (KTEA-3)

            We offer here two similar, but slightly different empty shells for reporting scores on the KTEA-3. The KTEA-3 Report Form lists subtests by their descriptions in the hope of achieving some degree of reader-friendliness (e.g., “Reading nonsense words aloud to test phonics”). The KTEA-3 Report Form with subtest names, developed by Deborah K. White, M.ED., SAIF, adds the formal subtest names to the descriptions to facilitate cross-referencing.

Both forms use stanines (standard nines). If you prefer the KTEA-3 10-point or KTEA-3 15-point or some other classification scheme, simply delete the “stanine4 123456789″ in the upper right corner of each table and replace it with “KTEA-3 10-point Qualitative Descriptors” or whatever system you wish to use. Then delete the first page of the file and change what was “SCORES NOT USED WITH THE TESTS IN THIS REPORT (GIVEN FOR REFERENCE)” on the second page to “SCORES USED WITH THE TESTS IN THIS REPORT” on what would now be the first page. If you use qualitative descriptors other than those offered with the KTEA-3, you can delete the stanine row in the table on what is now the first page and replace it with the system you want to use.

If your report does not include any tests that use T scores, you can delete the paragraphs and table rows that pertain to T scores. Please see “Sample Explanations of Classification Labels” and also “Publishers’ Classification Schemes for Test Scores” under TEST INFO on this website.

Please feel free to copy, edit, and use any of these tables in your reports if the mood strikes you. I usually put the explanation of statistics, tables of test scores, and descriptions of the tests used into an appendix to the evaluation report. Sometimes, I copy and paste into the main report portions of the tables of test scores, often omitting the confidence band column and sometimes the classification column after pasting (preserving those data in the appendix).
KTEA-3 Report Form

Alternative  KTEA – 3 Report Form
KTEA-3 Report Form with subtest names

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