John Willis’s PowerPoint Presentation on the WIAT Third Edition for Measuring Growth *

The amount of expected growth, as you will see, varies considerably from grade to grade and subtest to subtest. However, it is clear that considerable caution must be exercised when using the WIAT-III to measure annual growth, whBeen there.... for real every time I test before lunch lol... 'I think we can make it': en expected raw-score gains for one year are often so small.
WIAT III Annual Growth

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WIAT III Annual Growth

John Willis’s Test Report Template
WIAT-III Report Table Shell *

The materials below are all available elsewhere on-line but are added here for the convenience of the reader.

Ordering Information for the WIAT-3
Pearson Ordering Information for the WIAT

Descriptive Classifications: *

Pearson provides three (3) sample WIAT reports on its website.  None of the sample reports classify scores into general categories, e.g., average, above average, below average.

WIAT III Scoring Report    (no descriptive classifications given)

WIAT III Parent Report (again, no descriptive labels provided)

WIAT III Clinician Report (and still again no descriptive labels, just standard scores and percentiles)

For a discussion of testing classification systems, see John Willis’s PowerPoint.

For a general use template for reporting test scores using a normal curve chart (not an arbitrary classification system)  see John Willis’s Test Score Descriptions.