Selected Excerpts: 2006 FR



The following topical excerpts from the IDEA 2006 Final Regulations carry the force of law.  The source document (the Federal ‘Register version of the 2006 Final Regulations can be found on the Spedlaw page of this website.
2006 Final Regulations for the IDEA 2004

The definition of scientifically based research
Scientifically Based Research *

What the regulations say about Independent Educational Evaluations
Independent Educational Evaluations *

What John Willis found about fluency in the 2006 Regulations
Fluency in IDEIA Regulations

Excerpts from the 2006 Final Regulations about SLD
Federal Register excerpts for LD actual regulations *

Federal definitions of key terms regarding private schools 
IEPs definition requirements and private schools IDEA Regulations 34 CFR 300 et s *

Post Secondary Transitions
IDEA Post Secondary Transition *

Definitions of Disabilities
IDEA 2004 Definitions of Disabilities *

What the regulations say about evaluations and reevaluations
Evaluations and Reevaluations IDEA Requirements *

LD Commentary in Preface to Final Regulations
Federal Register excerpts for LD commentary *