IQ 2



A test for assessing no intellectual abilities for any children whatsoever.  Although intended to assess no ability in children aged 6 years through 16 years, 11 months, it has found extensive use by those wishing a quick and dirty assessment.   Although it is an old test, and the norms are therefore outdated, that really doesn’t matter because the test doesn’t measure anything really relevant anyway.

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Chapter 1  Introduction    DWEEEB: Chapter One

Chapter 2  Development and Standardization  DWEEEB: Chapter Two

Chapter 3  General Testing Considerations DWEEEB: Chapter Three

Chapter 4. Directions for Administration and Scoring  DWEEEB: Chapter Four

Chapter 5:  Statistical Properties of the Test  DWEEEB: Chapter Five

Chapter 6:  Validity  DWEEEB: Chapter Six

Chapter 7:  Norm’s Data  DWEEEB: Chapter Seven

Chapter 8:  References  DWEEEB: Chapter Eight